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Seven Suns Development


Seven Suns Development is a company that builds fancy residential complexes and residential blocks designed for comfortable living. Each project is a whole story, a separate facet of life, its own mood, which is revealed in the process of implementing the project.

1st prize Award for website of a Real Estate Development or construction company

The "Choose Your Apartment" block follows the user around the site, transforming into a small circle in the corner of the screen.


The page tells about the principles and values of the developer, which we have illustrated with vivid images. At startup, a full-screen video opens


All of the company's current and planned projects are collected on one page. Large ones occupy two parts of the grid, smaller projects occupy one. When you hover the cursor over the image, an advertising banner appears, click takes you to the project page.

Apartment selection

Selecting an apartment is intuitive and straightforward. Thanks to the accent color, important parameters are always visible. You can hit “Like” on apartments and compare them on a separate page. In addition to the residential complex, infrastructure facilities are shown on the map.


Smooth single-line illustrations were drawn for the project, linking the objects in the same way a residential complex links it’s residents. These illustrations rhyme with the handwritten inscriptions on the floor plans.


Pictures depict a sunny vibe: light and shadow play, sunshine highlights, sunflowers. All the images are bright, vibrant, and clean.

Residential Projects

There are different templates for completed projects and projects under construction. You can watch the construction progress on the page of a project under construction.


We have developed a full-fledged design system for the site. The main accent color is sunny, yellow ochre. All states and images are drawn within this system.



We have drawn elements for various states, made bright icons that convey the atmosphere of the company.


The website is playable on all types of devices. We have created responsive design options for different resolutions.

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