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Premium apartments in the downtown

The OKO skyscrapers and the six-story Crystal building at their base are complete. Apartments with Four Seasons hotel finishes are waiting for their owners. The infrastructure is already in place. Celebrate your purchase in the panoramic sky-restaurant


About the project

This page shows the main features and distinctive benefits of the OKO skyscraper. It contains all the information necessary for a potential buyer to make a decision to buy an apartment: the height and number of floors of the building, as well as information about parking, service, number of apartments, views from the windows, floor plans and infrastructure. There are also photos and reviews of those who already reside in the complex

Apartment selection

User can choose the desired floor to view the list of available apartments. We have designed two display options: as a list and as a floor plan. Then you can navigate to detailed apartment page, where the parameters and photos of apartments are listed


Premium style is expressed by the noble combination of copper and white on a dark background. Headings are accented by a narrow grotesque contrast with the minimalist typesetting


An original modular grid layout makes the page easy to interact with, because the most important elements are always accessible at any screen size

UI elements


All pages of the site are adapted to multiple screen resolutions. Thanks to this, it is displayed correctly on large monitors, smartphones and tablets of different sizes