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Presidential elections traditionally attract a lot of volunteers, but the information given is often false or completely lost. We proposed a non-standard approach - to use a full CRM system to automate the processing of volunteer profiles.


The presidential election is the main political event in the country. It is important to organize the coordinated work of the campaign headquarters. Events of this level attract a lot of volunteers. But information about them is often duplicated or turns out to be inaccurate. To automate the processing of volunteer profiles, we proposed a non-standard approach - use a full CRM system.


Previously, to become a volunteer, candidates personally came to the headquarters and left personal data in handwritten lists, or registered in volunteer projects and entered the headquarters through these organizations. Headquarters from different regions of Russia did not have a transparent tool for exchanging data about volunteers. At the same time, the algorithm of work and communication with candidates did not change:

Reception of applications
Data checking
Job interview
Phone interview
Contract signing
Online Volunteer Tasks

We proposed to use a business approach for working with volunteer candidates - to aggregate and process applications through a CRM system.

Automation of the campaign.
Create a single entry point for calls.
Filtering bots and unreliable applications.
Development of a tool for collecting statistics and accounting.


To solve these problems, we chose Bitrix24. We already have many years of successful experience with this platform. The developers of our agency knew for sure that the platform capabilities guarantee an excellent result.

  • Reliability solutions of the chosen system.
  • High speed and low cost of implementation.
  • Convenient functionality, understandable even to inexperienced users.
  • Development of a tool for collecting statistics and accounting.
  • Possibility of clustering and high performance under severe loads.
  • High level of security, burglar resistance of the entire system and its individual modules.


The implementation and adaptation of the CRM-system for working with volunteers took place in four stages.

Solution concept development
System testing
Scaling to the whole of Russia
Difficulties we encountered:
It was necessary to adapt the solutions for the tasks of the election campaign.
It was necessary to train the staff at working with a new product.
What have we done?
Set up a solution for the work of the headquarters.

It was nessecary to removw "extra buttons" in the CRM-system. And configure the system so that it is suitable for working with volunteer applications.

Described in detail the work with the CRM-system.

In order for the headquarters team to easily navigate the new tool, we prepared detailed instructions with screenshots.

Trained employees

We taught employees of the main headquarters how to use the CRM-system. And they shared their knowlege with colleagues in the regions and performed the role of technical support.

The development and implementation of a CRM system took 2 weeks. The system, along with the site of the election campaign of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, was launched on January 15, 2018.


Сandidate filled out a form on the site. After filling out the form, the volunteer received an SMS with a confirmation code - this step helped to weed out bots and people who entered someone else's phone number. Then the candidate received a message that he would be contacted soon.

Application Processing

CRM-system optimized the reception of applications from the site from potential volunteers (leads).

Received leads from the site of the campaign headquarters.
Processed information - screened out repeated applications and bots.
Converted lead to contact for work.

After verification by phone number, the data from the application went via API to the CRM system. At first, they were checked by the security service and made recommendations for working with people. Then the application was automatically sent to the region indicated by the volunteer. The system appointed a person responsible for communication with a potential volunteer.

Representatives of the headquarters have always seen the history of communication with the volunteer.
  • An election campaign employee received an application and invited a potential volunteer for an interview.
  • After that, the «Application» task was closed and transferred to the «Interview» status. And the appointed date appeared on the calendar.
  • After meeting with the candidate, the application was converted to a full-fledged contact.
  • The coordinator determined the tasks of the volunteer.
Access distribution to information

Each regional headquarters had acess only to its volunteers. The employees of the central headquarters got access to all questionnaires and in real time monitored the status of work with applications.

Statistics and reports

The CRM-system functionality instantly generated reports for the selected period and showed statistics on the processing of applications. The work of election headquarters across the country was transparent.


In less than 2 months, 20 thousand volunteers from all regions of Russia joined the campaign headquarters. We did this:

Automated the work of the election headquarters - created a single window for collecting applications of potential volunteers.
They reduced the load and simplified the work of the staff of the election headquarters.
Provided headquarters with operational statistics.