Zaryadye park
The site of the country's main park
Park «Zaryadye» — a unique space for recreation, cultural activities and entertainment in the heart of Moscow.
Stages of development
The stages of the site development repeat the park development.
On the main page of the site is a list of events with the ability to buy a ticket or register. Events are prioritized and there is a filter selection. Regular events that take place in the park every day are always available.
The main sections of the site
Park Media Content
Botanical collection
«Zaryadye» — is not only a public space, but also a real botanical reserve, which serves as a home for many plants from different parts of our country— from meadows to mixed forests, from northern endless spaces to birch groves.

Botanical collection is one of the most important sections of the site. Here you can see a full range of plants in the park, interesting facts about them, find out in which landscape area they grow.
Botanical illustration — is a special kind of art. Each plant is drawn by hand. The individual style of the images resembles old albums with herbaria.
Online store
An extensive range of merchendise with park symbols and more. Thematic goods for events. The ability to buy gift certificates.
Catalogue and product card
Items sorted by sections, categories prices and popularity. You can open the product page and see the detailed description choose color and size.
Order form
Step-by-step form «checkout». In the basket, you can immediately add packaging and put a message to the recipient as a gift, as well as apply a promo code and see the final cost of the order.
Personal Area
Personal accounts can be created for everyone: park visitors, volunteers, friends. It gives quick access to selected objects, favorite events and purchased tickets. In your account there is an opportunity to link a park card and buy tickets for events with a discount.
Adaptive site