Tennis Federation

Sports association

Russian Tennis Federation is a sports association created for the purpose of development, improvement and promotion of tennis. It unites athletes, coaches, former champions and all those who take an active part in the sports life of the country.

Our task was to create a modern logo and identity. Work began with the restyling of the current logo. We kept the basic idea and the composition, but simplified it as much as possible. The logo idea is connected with the Olympic rings.

  • Volumetric balls and shadows look messy;
  • Excessive detailing of each ball;
  • Bad scalability of the sign.
  • Sign with clear color;
  • Lines and forms are as simple as possible, everything is built on circles;
  • The sign is recognizable in black and white colours and scales well.

Logo structure

Logo is built with rigid composition and precise geometry. The logo design provides easy perception.

Passport of the project

Within the project we have made a document that contains full, abbreviated, vertical and horizontal versions of the logo. It reflects terms of use, corporate colors and fonts. The document is provided in two languages: Russian and English.


One of the main elements of corporate identity are bright illustrations in the style of pointillism.

Corporate documentation

The corporate documentation has become an integral part of the corporate identity. Paper folders have illustrations on the front and marking of a tennis court on the inside.

Souvenirs and other style elements.

When developing souvenirs, we tried not only to translate the stylistics onto different carriers, but to integrate the existing attributes of the Federation into the corporate stylistics as much as possible.


One of the tasks was to create a design for the Federation’s social networks.