World of kindness.

Helping neighbours

This is a service for mutual assistance between neighbors. It will become much easier to meet your neighbours, make new acquaintances and do something good to help others.

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Additional states

On the main page you can learn about the platform and its basic functions. An unregistered user sees several examples of how neighbors can help each other. Without registration, it is possible to find out if the service is available in a particular area.

Your neighbors will always help

The service allows you to offer assistance or get it. For example: you can help elderly woman, who lives the floor above, to go shopping, and then someone will water your flowers while you are on a vacation.

I can teach to play the guitar
David Gilmorov
I can walk with your dog
Edgard Zpahar
I can help with the groceries
Arthur Shvartsev

The illustrations on the website

The main functions, life situations and characters are executed in an illustrative manner.

with your neighbors and house residents
people according to your abilities
ask for help
and somebody will respond
stay up to date
with important events in your area

Videos for the project

In order to suggest what useful thing you can do and just inspire to help more, the site has a large number of self-promotion videos. In one of them, children do not have a football field. Thanks to the portal, the neighbors find out about this and build football field as a gift. This is the story of ordinary people who are not alien to doing good.

Registration on the site

The registration form includes an address. If you want to become a member, your address needs to be active in the system. When the registration process is completed - you can immediately create a request, offer assistance or skip this step and continue to get acquainted with the service.

Personal Area

“Pulse of the district” is the main section of the personal account, where you can look at all the requests, suggestions and choose something to your liking. All updates on current cases fall into the "Work" section.

User list and settings

All district users can be seen in one list, which is formed from their rating. We added functions “I know him” and “I vouch for him” so that the residents of the region could mark their good friends and thereby increase the users trust in each other. Under the photo you can see the number of published requests and completed cases.

My story

Users who do good deeds will not only receive rating stars, but will also have the opportunity to get into the “My Story” section. This section will describe the most interesting, kind and illustrative stories of mutual assistance.

UI-KIT – style of the project

A large portal that includes site and mobile app needs a design system. Service has 2 main functions: to offer help and ask for it. Requests that users post are highlighted in bright orange to attract attention and encourage action. While offers to help, they are usually associated with a calm, free state from their personal things and are colored blue.

Gender avatars before user uploads a photo

Adaptive design

The site is adapted to different screen resolutions, so information is correctly displayed on different devices.