Mobile App

open the window to the world of kindness

This is an application that allows neighbors to help each other. You can offer, provide and receive assistance in different situations.

The application extends the functionality of the site and makes the service available at any time.

Choosing whom to help or getting help is easy. In the pulse area you can see all the requests and suggestions of neighbors.

The app allows you to get to know your neighbors and help if needed


You just need to spend a few minutes registering in the application and creating a request, wait for the responses and choose an assistant. And that's all.

Users and Tasks

You can organize work (for example, cleaning the territory or a workshop on gardening), offer help or get it. It is safer than “husband for an hour”, because these are your neighbors and you know them. And if you don’t know someone – there are ratings and reviews so you can make the decision.

Your rating

What can I ask for? Anything: from buying bread to an elderly neighbor to writing poetic verses for a holiday in kindergarten.

You yourself designate deadlines, leave feedback, rate and offer your services.

All major user scripts have been developed.

Users who do good will not only receive rating stars, but will also have the opportunity to get into the “My Story” section. This section will describe the most interesting, kind and illustrative stories of mutual assistance.

The application is made in the same design system and translates the style of the site.







The application will soon be available for download on IOS and Android.