website of the Transport and Logistics Group of Companies

Major is a Russian transport and logistics group of companies, founded in 2001. Provides a wide range of services in the field of freight transportation, customs clearance, warehousing and cargo handling. Provides strategic supply chain management, increases the competitiveness of its customers, making their logistics as efficient as possible.

Main page idea
The page is divided into 2 parts: promo and functional. Promo is presented in the form of a slider with videos reflecting the ideology of the company, and cases demonstrating the business process.

Promo part

Includes sections: «About the company» and «Cases». This solution attracts attention and allows to briefly talk about the company in one screen.

Functional part

The most important section on the site, which allows visitors to get acquainted with the services of the company.

Ideology of the company and the main areas of activity represent five elements.

Moving forward,
attention to detail


Air freight



Wood and metal




The page is designed as a landing page, it has a main interactive slider “Company values” with an interesting animation when switching slides.
Main feature of this section is the aggregator (filter) of services. By filling in the data, the visitor can get a selection of suitable services for transportation or storage of goods. The filter has two types: on the main page - shortened, on the services page - extended version.
This section is an interactive map with the geography of the company. The map is divided into continents, countries and regions, with a click on which a person gets to the page with a description of traffic in this region. When you first click on the region, the block “Services provided in this region” is loaded.
internal pages
Within the project we draw the number of icons
Typography and colors