Residential complex D1

New iconic house in the center of Moscow

In the center of the city, combining everything necessary for modern comfort, the residential complex D1 is located. We emphasized the unusual minimalist architectural design and convenient navigation, so that every customer could find something suitable.

Main page

The conceptual basis of the main page – slides. They change while scrolling the page and gradually acquaint the user with basic information about the residential complex.


The menu, available at the top of the screen, displays not only the main navigation, but also information blocks: promo, feedback and indication of the location of the residential complex on the map, so that important information is always at hand.


A unique architectural project is united by the idea of chess. Housing "Blitz" is named after a special chess game, where you have only a few seconds to make a move. Corpus "Kingches" - a game that starts on a well-established board, where the one who knows how to think outside the box and improvise wins. And the "Excelsior" housing is a movement towards the goal with overcoming all obstacles and becoming the most powerful chess piece.

Choosing an apartment

Despite the large number of floors, it is convenient to choose an apartment because the scrolling function is implemented - the floors can be scrolled vertically. Apartment page includes floor, size, cost and plan.


The site of the residential complex is adapted to different screen resolutions, thanks to which the information is correctly displayed on different devices.