WEBSITE FOR MOMS today is a large and complex product, with its own history and emotional attitude of users. The project has accumulated a huge knowledge base for everyone who decided to have a child. Tens of millions of stories and questions from moms, experts, and brands.

Tagline Awards
2nd place in the nomination «Best Community Site»
3rd place in the nomination «Portals»


Before working on the design, we presented several areas of future style.

1. Aesthetics

Flat + watercolor illustrations and stains + calligraphy. Translucent tones, drops and smudges of paint, turning into the texture of the paper. Occasionally calligraphy and handwriting.

2. Sixth sense

As a basis, we took a style close to women's perfume brands. Work with typography, sketch fashion illustration, etc.

3. Home

Homemade, warm, cozy, fluffy. Textures of bleached wood with a slightly peeling paint. Some greens, leaves, flowers. The texture of the sweater, plaid. The atmosphere is close to Anderson restaurants.

4. Children - flowers of life

Soft colors with bright accents, flowers, children's drawings. Handmade plush toys as icons.


The customer chose the first option "Aesthetics", flat and watercolor stains. In the process we decided agains calligraphy because it made text hard to read, but the icons are made in a contoured and slightly uneven man-made style. So the atmosphere cozy, creative and inviting.


In the process of working on the visual part, the main colors and fonts were identified.


All the basic functions for working with the site are located on the left. This panel is always accessible to the user, since it does not move when scrolling through the main content.


Page is divided into logical zones: this structure helps to read information more conveniently and get used to the interface faster.

LEDENEVA JULIA product director

For our users, is a kind of «corner in the kitchen» where you can ask about anything. With its cozy atmosphere, warmth and emotional support in any situation. Millions of readers who come to us every month for answers to questions, a moment of rest and communication.


With the creation of layouts, work was going on to create a guide that collected all the basic elements used on the pages of the site.