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Our solutions

Scale your business with collaborative teamwork:
create a single workplace, utilize predictive HR analytics, and transparent task management

Task management systems
We implement IT tools to simplify project management and task execution: time tracking, workload planning, Gantt & Kanban charts (visual aids for workflow execution)
AI-driven employee analytics platform
Together with Yva.ai we deploy comprehensive AI-based HR tool to help your employees with their Remote work challenges and prevent burnout
Learning management systems and knowledge base
We create knowledge bases – self-serve online libraries with crucial information your team may want or need to know, as well as develop LMS
When you need it

52% of companies expect work-from-home to increase in 2021. Here are some challenges we aim to solve

It becomes more difficult to control distributed or remote teams

Employees stress increases that lead to burnout

Your people communicate in different messengers that lead to chaos and data loss
It becomes difficult to monitor engagement, motivation, and effectiveness of employees

There is no single environment for communication and information exchange

It is difficult to onboard new employees and help them adapt to the new, challenging environment
It becomes more difficult to maintain a solid corporate culture

There is no single channel to distribute news & guidelines

It is more challenging to engage new employees & specialists
Project planning, resource management and progress tracking becomes more difficult

Chatting in different messengers leads to data loss

YYour team can become disconnected and fragmented

It takes much more time to get things done across varying work channels

Observe the results our customers have already achieved

78% employee engagement index
27% turnaround of tasks and projects
80% transparency and controllability
30% employee stress and burnout

For more than 17 years, we have been implementing end-to-end projects of any level of complexity: from pre-project analysis to 24/7 support

Customized solutions

We analyze your internal processes and fine-tune web systems for your specific business needs

Inhouse expertise

We don’t outsource our services. Our local, certified specialists are available 24/7

Innovation and R&D

We rely on cutting-edge global technology and beta-test internally

Ecosystem approach

We offer 360-degree digital transformation solutions and unique integrations


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Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.
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