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Our solutions

Powerful solutions for effective business management: automate accounting, workflow, procurement systems, utilize business intelligence

Odoo ERP system implementation
We analyze your business processes, implement ERP modules and integrate your different business functions
Business intelligence systems
We implement tools for smart business data collection and analysis, and set up tailored dashboards and forecasts
Electronic document management
We automate document  workflow and HR management and can integrate them with ERP, CRM, or other necessary systems
When you need it

69% of companies have responded to COVID-19 with digital business acceleration. Here are some challenges we aim to solve

Risk and costs are growing faster Resource management and progress tracking becomes more difficult

Not enough transparency and data for decision making

Routine processes take much more time due to remote work
Lack of manageability and control

Lack of transparency for the costs and revenues estimation

Departments and employees are separated

Work with documents and reports takes too much time
Accounting, production, and logistics processes are managed in different systems

Risks and costs are rising faster

Not enough data for decision making

Documents and information get lost
The pile of papers is still growing every day

There is no tool for effective electronic document management – contracts, invoices, and acts get lost

Reports are too time-consuming
“Zoo” of systems, applications, and services leads to disconnections and delays

Processes, departments, and employees are separated

Lack of transparency and control

Observe the results our customers have already achieved

70% business processes manageability
34% costs, expenses and risks
2,5 times speed of document flow
1,5 times data for decision-making

For more than 17 years, we have been implementing end-to-end projects of any level of complexity: from pre-project analysis to 24/7 support

Customized solutions

We analyze your internal processes and fine-tune web systems for your specific business needs

Inhouse expertise

We don’t outsource our services. Our local, certified specialists are available 24/7

Innovation and R&D

We rely on cutting-edge global technology and beta-test internally

Ecosystem approach

We offer 360-degree digital transformation solutions and unique integrations


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Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.
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